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Shared Values. Shared Homes.

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Studying in the United States comes with its fair share of questions, but here's some good news: deciding "Where will I live?" doesn't have to be one of them! Explore with confidence and peace of mind because you’re not navigating this alone.

Get to Know Us

Welcome to Oasis of Grace, where we offer you a home away from home. Our mission is to provide student housing, in partnership with families, that offers an experience that is not available in the campus dormitories. Students will have a private bedroom in an American home where they can experience American life the way it is lived by Americans.  Keep reading to learn why we are the right choice if you want to get the most out of your education abroad.  If you are looking for security, adventure, and connection, we invite you to join the family today!

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Live in an 

American Home

An estimated 80% of international students never step foot inside an American home.* Get the most out of your American education by living with an American family to adjust quickly to the way they speak and organize their lives. 

Where will you be 


Attending college outside your home country may be one of the biggest adventures of your life. Safe, affordable housing can help you experience that adventure to the fullest. Knowing that your basic needs are met will leave you free to pursue your studies, hobbies, and new friendships.

Delicate Fabric

​Form life-long


You'll have more than just a place to stay. You'll have friends from the day you arrive, and an opportunity to build a friendship that lasts a lifetime.

What do we offer?

Your time as a student in America will come with challenges, and no one can prevent that. In our program, however, we can be sure that you won’t experience how it feels to have no one to call or how it feels to be at the mercy of strangers because someone is here for you.​

Modern Dining Room

Affordable Housing

Let us be your home away from home. We match you with a host family so you can live near the university at a fraction of the cost of traditional on-campus housing.

School Application

Application Assistance

Our mentors will help you find a program and they will guide you through the application process step-by-step. 

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Scholarship Mentoring

We will help you locate scholarship opportunities and put your best foot forward when you apply so that your dreams can become a reality. 

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Why choose OOG?

Here are SIX reasons for students choosing us

Cost Savings

Put our expertise to use and let us connect you with the most affordable testing and application servcies on the market.

Cultural Adjustment

We support you after you arrive by providing cultural and language support so that you have all the tools to succeed.

Private Spaces

Students have a private bedroom with a fully lockable door.

Family Vibes

Feel homesick? Enjoy a warm family atmosphere and share your host family's gatherings and holidays.

Traditional Values

Enjoy the peace of being in a wholesome atmosphere. This offers you a place to rest from some surprising ideas you may find on campus.

Experience America

Live in America with Americans and experience your adventure to the fullest.


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