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How Does OOG Save You Money?

Applying to college in the US can be a very expensive process. When you apply to a college, the application fee is only the beginning of the expenses. The journey is full of surprise costs such as fees for tests that are required for admission to the college. 

At many colleges “international transcripts will require a GPA calculation evaluation (high school) by an approved third-party credential evaluation agency.”  Many companies provide this service at surprisingly different prices. Some companies charge $395 for an evaluation of these documents that meets the requirements of the college, but OOG representatives have researched these companies extensively to find a company that provides the exact same service for $120, saving you $275.

We take the surprises out of the process by letting you know the complete cost from the very beginning, and whether it is by researching cost options, or showing you where to find free resources to prepare for admissions tests, we look for ways to save you money at every step.  Put our expertise to work for you so that you can save your money for more of what matters most: your family!


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