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Homes that Share Your Values

Updated: Jan 16

When I visited Egypt, someone asked me what I like better about America and what I like better about Egypt. America is closer to my parents! After just a few days in Egypt, however, it was obvious that Egyptian culture had not accepted some of the ideas that are prevalent in American culture about homosexuality and transgenderism. As you send your child to study in the United States, you may have some concerns because you are sending them to a culture that is embracing many immoral things.

As a mom of five children in America, I have lived with the worry about what my children will experience and how they will be influenced by the culture. When my oldest daughter came home from school in the 10th grade and asked me if it was OK to be friends with a muslim girl, I thanked God because I knew that I would not worry about her when she was with this friend. I knew that the parents wouldn’t serve alcohol, and that the girls wouldn’t be hearing music with filthy lyrics. I knew that, when the girls went shopping together, my daughter wouldn’t be encouraged to buy immodest clothing that I didn’t want her to wear.

Our program hopes to offer you the peace of mind that it gave me to know that my daughter was in the care of a family who, although of a different faith, shared many of my values. Our homes will provide your student with a place to live that does not allow alcohol, drugs, or opposite-gender guests. Talk with your host family about other concerns you have for your student.


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